Restoration (2007 – 2009)

Although maintenance and repair work have been performed on the 860|880 buildings throughout their history, a more substantial restoration and repair project was deemed necessary in 2007 to address some early signs of deterioration. The restoration included repainting the exposed steel cladding, replacing the ground floor lobby walls, and reconstructing the travertine plaza. In addition, some deficiencies were corrected and lost original architectural elements restored. Because of the landmark status of the buildings, the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency was involved. The IHPA advised the project team through the process in order to take advantage of tax incentives to offset the cost of the work.

An article for Historic Illinois by Marc Boxerman, a current 860|880 managing trustee, describes the project. We thank Historic Illinois for allowing us to use the article. “Historic Illinois” ceased publication in December 2011.

Chicago’s Glass Houses

The 860 Lake Shore Drive Trust received two awards for the restoration work: an award for Preservation Excellence from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and a Patron of the Year award from the Chicago Architectural Commission.

Photograph by James R. Lannen, used with permission.

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